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Commercial HVAC Service & Repair

An HVAC system is vital for your business, it provides a fresh and comfortable workspace for your employees and customers.


It also represents quite an investment so it is crucial that you work with a professional company such as Bayou AC that has experience and knowledge of commercial HVAC systems so you can enjoy the following benefits

Protect Your Investment

Commercial HVAC systems are expensive but when you work with a professional company that performs the necessary repairs and maintenance they will keep an eye out for minor problems that could become bigger issues and lead to an early replacement. Our service helps protect your unit and wallet.

Save Time

A commercial HVAC company has extensive knowledge of the main and most common problems of HVAC systems as well as the best repair techniques.


You don’t need to look them up on the internet or try to repair it yourself and risk creating bigger damage to your unit. Let Bayou AC take of it and save you valuable time.

Maintenance Plan Options

Working with an experienced and professional company has the additional benefit of allowing you to get access to maintenance plans that will ensure your unit is always working in its best condition. You can also contact us for any emergency repairs, no matter the time and day we are available for you.

Our Services


Installing a commercial HVAC system is a huge step and not everyone is capable of fulfilling the task, our team will assess your business space and its needs before deciding on which is going to be the best unit for the area.


The size is an important factor to keep in mind if you want to prevent energy waste and make sure you have a unit that is capable of keeping the space fresh and your occupants comfortable as well as choosing the right type according to your business needs.


If you already have your system installed but it isn’t working properly then just call our company. We are more than qualified to solve any kind of issue, from the most common to the most complex ones.


If you notice any weird smells or noises contact us immediately, they may not look like huge problems but leave them unattended and may be the reason for an early replacement or an expensive bill.


When there is a problem with your unit our team will always perform an inspection and evaluate how huge the problem is and what would be the advantages of repairing it instead of replacing it.


Sometimes the latter option is the best choice for your wallet and you can get an updated model that satisfies the needs of your company and created customized solutions.

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Having a functional HVAC commercial system is a feature that will make your business more attractive and make your employees become more productive. Our company is ready to provide top commercial service so if you are interested in any of our options just contact us and receive a quote.

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Annual Maintenance Membership


Regularly maintaining your HVAC equipment is essential in preventing breakdowns and extending the life of your HVAC System. At Bayou A/C & Heating, we deliver a full service maintenance program that is guaranteed to prevent up to 90% of breakdowns!!

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