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Here are some of the most common questions that we receive about air conditioning and heating. Click the questions below to see the answers!


If you have any additional questions feel free to call us and we can assist you with any other questions that you may have.

HVAC means Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. People often talk about HVAC when they talk about your heating and cooling system. Because of that, when you talk about HVAC, you’re talking about a lot of stuff, such as:


  • Furnace, heat pump, mini-split, and air conditioning units
  • Indoor air quality solutions, such as air filtration systems, air filters, whole-house humidifiers, and ventilation systems
  • Thermostat systems
  • And more


There are several HVAC units on the market, but they often work the same way: most of them heat or cool air, filter pathogens, and rely on fresh air.

Most HVAC units should be serviced before summer and winter. So, for example, you should have your AC serviced at the beginning of spring. Six months later, in the first few days of fall, you should have your heat pump or furnace serviced.


It’s crucial to get ahead of issues, so it’d be smart to have your HVAC serviced twice per year, even if you think nothing is wrong.

A little noise is normal for most HVAC units. Cooling and heating are far from silent endeavors!


Nevertheless, loud or sudden noises are far from normal. These sounds often signal a problem with your system. At that point, you should call a professional: the more you wait, the worse it can get (and the more expensive it’ll be to fix it).


At the same time, noisy HVAC units can become a problem. Noise pollution affects human health the same way air pollution does.

It’s difficult for us to tell you what’s wrong with your HVAC unit without taking a look. Remember, a little noise is normal – but if you’re hearing anything other than usual, it’s time to give a professional a call to check what’s wrong.

We advise against homeowners trying to fix their HVAC unit! These systems are as complex as they are delicate, and one wrong screwdriver turn can damage your unit for good.


In fact, you’ll do more harm than good when you start messing around with it. We’ll help you troubleshoot your HVAC below.

Are you having trouble with your HVAC? Take a peek at a few things before you call a professional.


First, make sure every switch is in the proper position. Second, take a look at the circuit breakers and fuses to see if any are blown. Third, check your thermostat: is it in cool, heat, or auto?


If nothing works, you can call us. We’ll finish the job!

People often call to have their AC serviced when they find their room is not cool enough, their house tends to be hotter than expected, the AC blows warm air, or they see leaks coming from their unit.


At the same time, some find their utility bills spiking from one month to the next, and at that point, they feel the need to call a guy to check things out.


Sometimes, your HVAC unit may seem okay – but it could be consuming more energy than necessary

When it comes to heating, people often find it challenging to deal with the pilot light, can’t make their furnace fire properly, have their house too cold even when their thermostat temperature is very high, or feel there’s a weird smell coming from the furnace.


Furnaces can consume more energy than necessary from time to time. If you see your bills skyrocketing for no apparent reason, you may have a malfunctioning HVAC unit that needs dealing with.

Replace your filters once per season. That means you must change them four times yearly or once every three months. At the same time, those who use washable filters should clean them monthly.


Don’t get overconfident when using old filters! A faulty filter can wreak havoc in your HVAC unit. It can also lower indoor air quality, leading to allergies and other ailments.


Is your HVAC unit not working properly?


Take a look at your filters. Do the same if someone in your house suddenly starts suffering from allergies. To make the most out of your HVAC unit, check the filters once a month, even if nothing is wrong.


The air filters are the lungs of your HVAC unit. If something goes wrong there, your lungs will take the hit too!

Replacing your air filters allows your HVAC unit to work at peak performance levels. At the same time, it keeps the air quality at the highest level possible.


When your HVAC unit uses faulty or dirty filters, you will see a drastic drop in air quality, allowing allergens, dust, and pathogens to enter your house.


You should check your filters once every three months. If that time of the year is coming up, call us so we can dispatch one of our technicians to take care of everything.

We can’t stress how important air quality is. You’ll never get forest-quality air, but an HVAC can improve poor indoor quality by leaps and bounds. In fact, you must try to improve your indoor air quality as much as possible: it can be 100 times worse than outdoor air.


What does that mean? It means allergens, dust, mold, mildew, and other pathogens are coming and going inside your house – and entering your body! It’s a must to filter those nasty things to keep yourself, your home, and your family safe from harm.

You can keep your HVAC unit working for a long time if you maintain it. On average, a properly maintained HVAC unit lasts for 15 years – some last for twice that much!


If you want your HVAC to last for as long as possible, give us a call when you sense something is wrong, and we’ll take care of it.

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